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Monday, July 25, 2011

Son of a Witch: #2 Through the Aether

First of all, I apologize for the lack of updates the past couple of days,  but this weekend was quite hectic. Much was accomplished though. Raethan and I were able to assemble all of the wedding favors, construct the center pieces, begin working on the placement cards and purchase all of the odds and ends that had previously slipped through the cracks of our attention. It was very nice seeing Raethan and none of us wanted her to leave, but alas, her job would not allow a longer stay.

All of your comments were touching, heartfelt, sincere, and caring. Robin is so extremely grateful for your support through this trying period. But thankfully, all of your wishes, thoughts, prayers, vibes and spells have found their way through the aether to Robin. We both truly believe that the healing energy from all of you had a profound effect on her expedient recovery. Her eye is almost completely healed and at the doctors office this afternoon, the optometrist said she could start actually looking at things. This allows her to move around my services as a seeing-eye-son are no longer needed. She is still, unfortunately unable to read as of yet, but I foresee withing the next day or two she will be able to write her own posts and read your comments herself.

And now its time for something completely different...

What would you consider to be an omen? Or phrased differently, how does one distinguish an omen from merely a peculiar occurrence? I only ask this because I feel that about a week ago I witnessed an omen myself.

It was early (for me), about 8:30 in the morning last Sunday or Monday.  I am almost never outside during this time of the morning. I went out to the back porch with a cup of coffee and noticed a bird barely visible behind the thin but numerous branches of a tree in our backyard. Something was strange, though. This bird was upside down, but not voluntarily. It was a young bird, presumably, because it had white speckles on its otherwise completely gray body. It was larger than a sparrow and had a black beak. Not being an ornithologist, that is the extent of the description I can give. But anyway...our fence posts are about two inches wide, with just enough room between the planks for thin bird legs to fit perfectly. The birds feet were facing my next door neighbors house while its body was upside down facing my backyard.

So to recap, there is a young bird trapped upside down on a structure used for separation and division.

Don't worry! I set it free from what seemed like a medieval torture device, but for birds. I was able to slip my hand behind its body, with it frantically flapping its wings and producing a sound that was both pitiable and horrifying, and simply lifted it up and out of its wooden shackles.

Is this just a random occurrence? A simple coincidence? Or was I meant to see and help that bird?

I am not expecting some Shakespearean soothsayer explanation for what happened, but what would you guys make of that situation had it happened to you?


Jeanne said...

Firstly, So happy to hear that Robin is mostly recovered. :0) We have missed her.... ♥
And wonderful news that much progress was made on the wedding oddments.
As to the were meant to go out at that specific time to assist that little bird. The young bird sounds like it might have been a young Robin and you heeded the call to help it just like you have been there to assist another Robin - your Mother. Yes, this was an omen or sign of something to come in your future - the bird rescue took place before the unfortunate thumb in eye incident I am surmising from looking back at the last post. Signs are often given to us if we should but look.

SharleneT said...

Definitely meant for you to go out at that time and give help. I would take it as a true sign of hope and recovery. Give Robin my best and tell her I LOVE the book.

Magic Love Crow said...

So happy Robin is doing better ;o) Please tell her, I love her and I'm sending her a big hug ;o) I think for sure, you were suppose to be there for that little bird! A sign for hope, helping and things getting better. Like what you are doing for your mom ;o) I saved a little baby robin last month. Your mom, loved the pictures of that! Take Care ;o)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Well, from the bird's perspective, I'm sure it doesn't care whether it constituted an omen or not -- it's just glad you came along to help free it!

Glad your Mom's eye is healing well.

Anonymous said...

I´m glad Robins eye is so much better already!

Personally I would only think that it was lucky I saw that little bird in time. I do believe in omens but isn´t an omen a sign of something "bigger" will happen later?

Have a great day!

Kallan said...

So glad Robin is feeling better. Hug her for me! I don't know if it was an 'omen' (which portends of something to come) or simply a kudos for helping not only your mom, but this poor defenseless creature. Either way, it was a sweet and wonderful thing to do. How do we know it's an omen, a sign, a message? We just do.. it's up to you to find its meaning for you :)

Ponderosa Pagan said...

I am glad to hear Robin is almost all better! Sending more healing vibes your way sister witch!
And as far as omens go I usually dont call them that but I feel that when an occurrance happens like the one for you, we have a lesson to learn from it. Especially when we are drawn to this omen and are not sure why. It seems like you were needed to help or are the helped at this time. Take a deeper look at it and ponder on what you are helping with or are not helping with! That is my thoughts!

Maggie said...

Yay on the recovery!

As for the bird, right place, right time! Good for you!!

Topper said...

Interesting question,I don't know about Omens, but you were in the right place at the right time. The bird also was under the protection of your yard and therefore, in a place where you would be able to help. I do not believe in coincidences but what I call Divine appointments. I have found it to be true with people , their crisies and situations and in nature. God gave us stewardship of His creation. In that sense everything was in place for you to be there when you were to be a shepherd if you will, for one of God's creatures. That's my verbose thought on the matter.

Mina said...

I am so happy to hear about Robin and apologize for being so late in reading the news and sending her wishes. I was away from blogging for a bit due to the death of a very close friend.

Oh, I think without a doubt that your were put there to help that poor little trapped bird. I have never believed in coincidences. Given it meant so much to you, I'd also say it was your blessing in a sense. Particularly during this time you have spent helping your beautiful mother in so many ways.

kijjet said...

Yay! I am so glad Robin is feeling better! My husband has an eye condition where the top layer of his cornea gets dry and tears very easily. It has some fancy name. Anyway, I have seen first hand how painful eye injuries can be! It's painful for the person and very scary for those around her when you aren't sure what is going on! Hugs to you and all those around Robin that helped her as her eyes worked on healing themselves! And of course, hugs to the wonderful Robin!

As to the little birdy, maybe it called to you. You said you aren't usually outside at that time of day. Maybe it called out for help and you heard without realizing it. Either way, glad you were in the right place at the right time!

Danni said...

The wee birdy sounds like a baby Robin to me. I think you were meant to be out there to help the little guy out in his time of need, if not you may not have been awake at such an early hour. As Jeanne said previously, I think helping out Robin the bird and then helping out Robin your mom were related events.