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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wedding Garden Update--Ageratum, Lobelia, Hydrangeas

click on photo to see closer view
Dusty Miller, doing fine! Petunias, doing fine! Angelonia, doing fine! Ageratum.....failing. Lobelia.....failing. The pale purple and white lobelia have died actually. Obviously they prefer a shadier spot, though the lilac-colored lobelia is thriving in the containers. As for the ageratum, I really cannot say what the problem is. I have had ageratum in containers before and it has done fine. Possibly I got a bad batch? Not to worry though. Everything else in the containers are doing great, and I have picked up some replacement plants, vines actually to trail over the edge.

Wedding garden: larkspur and bachelor buttons

Wedding garden: Zinnias
 The wedding garden growing in the raised bed is about to burst into bloom. In a few more days it should be a colorful sight!!

24 silk hydrangeas
Yesterday I was finally able to pick up the silk hydrangeas from the craft store. It took a while for them to get them to me. But now I have them, and they are a beautiful sight. These are going to be used for the centerpieces for the tables at the reception. Aren't they beautiful?

Five weeks until the wedding!!


The Traveler said...

Wow, everything is coming right along! It's going to be beautiful.

SharleneT said...

I can't wait to see the final pictures, when it is all put together. Our weather has been so hot, that most of my potted plants have really been stressed. I finally went out and revamped the vegetable garden, removing the determinate tomatoes and adding indeterminate tomatoes in their place. That should give me some garden-fresh tomatoes through early October. I don't even know what is normal weather anymore; but, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your wedding flowers will be super great.

Anonymous said...

The pots in the top photograph looks fantastic!

It could be some insect larvae´s that has eaten the roots of the ageratums, happens sometimes over here.

Have a great day!

Danni said...

The garden is coming along beautifully, I can't believe how quickly the wedding is coming up! It feels like you only started talking about it a month ago. :)

Magic Love Crow said...

Robin, I am so happy for you and I am so excited for you too! Everything is looking gorgeous! Too bad about the other plants that failed, but everything will work out! I can't wait to see it all come together ;o) Have a wonderful day!

Jeanne said...

It's all looking so good. And the hydrangeas are gorgeous!

Aine said...

five weeks!! what?? Where did the time go?

Mina said...

Oh how I marvel at these beautiful wedding flowers. I can't wait to see the actual bouquets.

Julie said...

I told you I was going to copy this color scheme of yours and I did - to a point. I could not find any ageratum in town this year, which is very unusual. I also found angelonia only in huge pots. (This plant is new to me. It's very cool.)However, the lavender petunias, dusty miller and lobelia combo is a great one, though my lobelia is less than perfect. I think they are very touchy.