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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crabapple Love

Our first crabapples

Tiny crabapples have formed on the tree we planted in early summer. They will not get any bigger than this. The tree is young and will grow taller next year. The fruit, though will stay this small, as this is a variety of crabapple that does not form the larger fruit. I am glad of that for the main reason of not having to deal with lots of fallen crabapples in the near future. The birds and squirrels can enjoy these little apples to their hearts' content. The blossoms in spring will be pink and I will gather some to dry. Just to have in my herbal collection. I have read several articles about using the extract of the fruit of the crabapple in dealing with indigestion or external skin problems. It also seems that a potion using crabapple is good for people with self confidence issues, or who suffer with feelings of self-hate. 

For now, I am just enjoying my little tree with its tiny apples. I am pleased it has grown well its first season with us, and with a good mulching this fall, I have every confidence that it will survive its first winter. 

We also planted a Red Maple and a Weeping Willow. When the maple leaves turn their brilliant crimson, I will proudly show you a photo. The willow is still small, but I hope to harvest a few willow branches, for a teeny wreath.  The willow is one of the most magickal trees of all.

Trees are so important for our environment, for habitat, shade and beauty.  Trees are also brimming with energies and wisdom. So many great books about trees abound.  Take the time to learn more about magickal properties of trees. I love every single one of the trees on our property. Each has its own personality and qualities. 

Yep, I am a tree hugger!! Lol!! And proud of it.


mxtodis123 said...

Gosh, what memories seeing that little crab apple tree has brought up. I do remember them in my childhood. Haven't seen one in a good many years...over 30 to be exact.

Anonymous said...

I love those tiny crabapples and I was lucky enough to get me a small crabapple tree this summer on the plant swapping day :-)

But I do have one with bigger apples inm my garden and I always leave those for the deers, they love to eat them during winter when they are frozen (and probably containing quite a lot of alchohol to be honest :-) :-)

Crabapples are great for many things, for instance if You have fruit that doesn´t contain especially much pectine and You want to make jam from it, just throw in asome crabapples and the jam gets perfect :-)

Have a great day!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love red maples and weeping willows. Good tree choices!

Anonymous said...

Your crabapple looks wonderful. I didn't know that this tree is called crabapple. I have one in my garden too. They call it decoration apple here in the Netherlands ( freely translated).
I love trees too. I have an ash tree in my back garden, a curly willow in a large pot and a crabapple in the front garden.
Have a magical day.

Kim said...

I sure wish I had a green thumb like you do (mine has always been "brown" and I probably couldn't keep crabgrass alive!) LOL!

Anyway, your plants look great!!!

Happy gardening to you,


Magic Love Crow said...

I'm a tree hugger too and I am proud of it as well ;o) I always walk around and talk to my trees, touch there leaves, ask them how they are ;o) They give us so much! I want them to know how much I love them back and how much I appreciate them! You should see me, if one isn't happy over winter, I transplant them! I did that to three of them this year and now they are all smiling ;o) My mom thinks I am crazy! LOL! I love your little crabapples! I didn't know all those facts! Have a wonderful day!

Jeanne said...

One can never have too many trees. At least as far as I am concerned! And your crabapple will grace you with gorgeous blooms in the Spring!

Mina said...

Your little Crab Apple is adorable! Baby plants and trees are nearly as sweet as baby animals. ;-)