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Saturday, September 3, 2011

For the Love of Nature

A view of my backyard

The robins left about three weeks ago. Grackles, red-winged blackbirds and starlings departed a few days later. It has gotten quiet in the garden. The robins would wake us up before sunrise, while stars are still twinkling, calling to each other and declaring the day had begun. Robins also are the last to go to sleep, after conducting a loud pre-bedtime ritual of songs.

Riot of color in the Wedding Garden, still blooming

The hummingbirds are still with us, busily gathering their nectar from zinnias and honeysuckle. Any day now they will be leaving for southern regions and that will be sad. They are beloved visitors to the garden.


But we have many winged friends who will stay with us, hunkering down for the long, snowy winter among the beams and eaves of our porch, the birdhouses along the fence and in the pinetrees and dense shrubbery that surrounds our cottage on the corner. Sparrows have been quite prolific this summer, raising three and four sets of babies; it should be quite busy at the feeders this winter. Goldfinch, housefinch and chickadees will also be regular visitors. We also have a population of the beautiful mourning dove. Crows will be around, bluejays and cardinals, tufted titmouse, downy woodpecker, white-breasted nuthatch. It's the birds that keep the neighborhood interesting and happy during the cold months that are coming.

Hyacinth bean in bloom

Until then though, we have the last days of summer, with the golden days of autumn ready to embrace us. Nature gives us special moments every day of every season.
Red usurper in one of the Wedding Garden planters

Celebrate the seasons. Observe nature, enjoy, appreciate, revere.


Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm trying to to stare with envy, but I'm failing. Too much loveliness not to want. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Your gardens are beautiful!

Lady Caer Morganna said...

Beautifully put, Robin ~ Our Mother and Father never cease to amaze me either! Soon we will see the gorgeous colors of the autumn leaves and the feeling of Fall in the air.

Love it!

Have a great Labor Day and enjoy!



Kallan said...

Simply gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

The birds stopped singing long ago here, just occasionally the birds that will stay sings a bit. But they are still around eating those last flies before leaving for more southern places.

I´ll miss them even if those forest birds will come when the snow gets to tough.

Have a great day!

Linda in New Mexico said...

I love your background colors....yummy.
The garden is fabulous. I'm like Magaly....I'm a little green over your more than green yard. Thanks for sharing the info on all the birds too....our birdie visitors haven't started leaving yet. Lots of noise and fussing still going on here.
Have a glorious Labor Day weekend. Linda

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Robin, aren't birds great! They tell us so many things, like when a season begins and when one ends. I have been seeing less robins around here too. Lot's of cardinals have been chirping away. I love the pictures, beautiful ;o)

Sunshineshelle said...

Look at your garden, riot of colour is fantastic description!! I remember being in awe of a hummingbird whe we were in America, I couldn't believe I was seeing one in a garden, so fast those little wings... I would be said to see them go to, thank goodness with a garden like yours they'll be back ;)

Topper said...

Very good picture taking! Ah the wedding garden ios still in bloom. Its bitter-sweet to see the birsds go. They are so enjoyable. But as you say there are all the birds who will be staying and visiting the bird houses and feeders. Plus think of all the season has to offer. Crisp fall air, apples,fall colors, apple pies,fires in the fire place, apple butter, Halloween pumpkin pie, ahh the aroma of pumkin pie wafting through the house, thanksgiving and turkey, apple crisp. Oh I'm getting hungry.

Happy Labor day!