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Monday, September 12, 2011

Herbal Harvest

Marigolds grown from seed
Last week, before the knee incident, I spent some time in the garden gathering herbs. It was a beautiful day and I experienced a magickal time snipping, clipping and snapping (photos). (click on photos for better view)

This sunflower is a gift from the wild birds. A bumblebee is too busy to notice me taking his photo.

In the moon garden, this big-leaf hydrangea had white blooms, and now is turning pinkish-green. This is its second season, and despite being whacked down last year by an over-enthusiastic weed-whacking HH (happy hubby) did very well this year.

My gathering basket is filling up with sage, chamomile, thyme, honeysuckle blooms, roses, parsley, rosemary, marigolds and nasturtiams. The aromas are intoxicating.

Marigolds will dry faster by pulling the petals....also drying here are nasturtiams and honeysuckle

A tray of green herbs beginning the drying process

Bundles of herbs to hang up for drying
All these herbs, once dried, will be placed in labeled jars to use for magickal purposes. The whole process from planting the seeds, tending to them as they grow, then gathering and drying is done with reverance and magickal intent. I look forward to using my own herbs in spell work and ritual. This has been a true labor of love.


Spiritartartist said...

You may want to start with some spells on your own physical well- being. Wishing you a speedy recovery Robin.

Aine said...

Oh, wonderful - good work!! I love your gathering basket too.

mxtodis123 said...

Hoping you are beginning to feel better now. You have such a lovely garden. I never did get to mine this year because I wasn't sure if we had to move. Hopefully, the seeds will still be good next year.

Anonymous said...

I wish I was better at drying herbs. It happens but way to seldom to be honest. S You say, the smell is intoxicating :-)

Have a great day!

Sea Witch said...

Your gathering basket is maravelous. How I love to work with marigolds. Hopefully your knee is on the mend. I will send healing sage your way. Sea Witch

Magic Love Crow said...

Beautiful! Thanks for letting us be apart of your gathering ;o) I love seeing all the different stages ;o) I love your basket too!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

How wonderful to grow and use your own herbs and flowers for spell use!

Jeanne said...

Your plants are very happy!! I know how fulfilling it can be to grow plants from seeds - much like raising children. :0)
Curious - marigolds and nasturtiums are used for what particular type of magical intent?

Tamara said...

Harvesting is the just the absolute best, isn't it?? Your bounty is beautiful. :)


Herbs that you have grown yourself is wonderful. I hope they come to good use!
xoxo Ingrid

Mina said...

I love your photos, Robin. You are such a gifted herbalist. Thank you for sharing such beauty and technique.

I hope your knee is healing well.