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Friday, September 30, 2011

Farewell September

Yesterday, right after a heavy rain, I took a quick look at my garden. The Wedding Garden is still abundant with zinnias reaching for the sky. Some are over five feet tall! The planters for the wedding are still beautiful and we have been enjoying them all these months. The happy spirit of our daughter's wedding keeps on giving! I am going to hang on to these plantings until the frost has its way.

The Wedding Garden

Wedding Planter

Two other wedding planters
 Speaking of giving, Stacy at MagicLoveCrow blog had another giveaway last week. That girl just keeps on giving. I won her so-called "Booby Prize" (as did my friend Linda of Old Bagge and Stuft Shirt Blog...we are now officially Booby Buddies, lol). Anyway, a lovely packet arrived and I am thrilled to have more of Stacy's art. A gorgeous card, and a small painting (ACEO) depicting "Mother Earth, The Sacred Circle". Beautiful. Thanks so much, Stacy. Your are a gifted artist and a sweet spirit!

Gifts from Magic Love Crow

Remember last week I talked about the news story of the NASA satellite that was expected to fall to Earth, no one knew when or where?  WELL!!!! Through sources that I can not reveal ( I have uncovered a secret video that will show the world exactly what happened and that the Government does know. Shhhhhhh! You cannot tell a soul! Seriously! Click on the link below. You will be as shocked as I was. Seriously.
NASA satellite crash revealed click here...shhhh!!!

So another September is finishing up. Time to move on, the Wheel is turning. Everyone is looking forward to a fantastic October. Not only because of Autumn foliage, festivals and fun; also the Countdown to Halloween, hosted by Danni at Whimsical Cottage. Click on the button at the top of my sidebar for info. I think I may be feeling a Giveaway coming on. Hang on.....yep, there is definitely a tingling that indicates a Giveaway here at Wiccan Writes.  Stay tuned.   Enjoy the last day of September, my friends!!


mxtodis123 said...

It seems as if September was never here. I'm looking forward to some pleasant changes in October.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Hey Bobby Buddy, looks like you scored something wonderful from our little crow lover Stacy too. I'll get a photo of mine up tomorrow, going out of town again today.
This video is a riot. Oh stars. LMAO. You a very funny lady to share with us.
Giveaway????? did I hear you right? Hmmmmmm, I stay tuned for this wonderfulness. Oma Linda....the other booby, also known as booby #1, you know like thing 1 and thing 2.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful video :-) :-) :-)

But I'm sorry, October is never wonderful :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Kim said...

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day here in PA! Not too hot, not too cold and NO RAIIN for a change -LOL!!!!

Many more beautiful days ahead!

Blessings to you,


Spiritartartist said...

Aye, lass, ye flwrs'still be lookin' mighty scallywaggin' good! Nice prize and GREAT video, me Hearty!! (Me Favorite song too, Th'House O'Th' Risin' Sun . . . ERRRRRR)

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Robin ;o) Love the flower pictures and I am still laughing from that video!! Too funny! And, big hugs for showing your booby prize ;o) So happy you liked it ;o) Here's to October! Yeh ;o)

Jeanne said...

That satellite crash was so horrendous!!! Horrendously funny! :0)
Good find!
And so many glorious goodies! :0)

Jeanne said...

And your garden is beautifully happy!

Julie said...

Remember when I said I was going to copy you with the purple and gray containers? Like yours, mine still look very good even this late in the year. Sadly, it looks like our October warm spell is finally over.