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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

To-Do List for Autumn

Decorate for Autumn--with pumpkins, gourds, fall garlands. Bring out the boxes with all the great autumn decorations.

Visit the Farmer's Market for fresh pumpkins, especially all those unusual ones that grow into odd shapes, strange colors and weird growths.

Set up a beautiful Autumn altar for Mabon.

Plan the Mabon ritual; outdoors if the weather cooperates. Includes the firepit and the outdoor altar. Excitement!

Bake autumn goodies such as pumpkin bread and apple cake.

Time to break out the autumn sweaters and sweatshirts.

Write an autumn poem or short story.

Harvest all the herbs, some for drying, some for pressing.

Get a copy of Ellen Dugan's book Autumnal Equinox.

Say good-bye to Summer with reverence and thankfulness.


Knickertwist said...

Autumn is my most very favourite time of year. I love bringing out the wooly sweaters and all the cool weather treats :)

Vivienne Moss said...

looks like a fun to do list to me. I have been wanting that book as well. I love her Cottage Witchery book.

mxtodis123 said...

Autumn is my favorite time of the year, but suddenly I have lost my joy. I'll get over it, I know. Just need a little time.

Anonymous said...

We know about pumpkins over here but they are rare. I saw one in the supermarket the other day but it costed so much I´d rather buy gold instead it lasts longer :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Kim said...

Sounds like a great plan to me. One of the things I love the most about our sabbat celebrations is decorating ~ lots of fun!!

Every year I add just one new decoration to the others.




Linda in New Mexico said...

So much about Autumn brings me comfort. All of the things you mentioned are also lovely bits of happiness to me. I even had my toes done especially for Mabon today...a lovely shade of pumpkin orange so my dancing will be spirited by the color of the season.

ArtSings1946 said...

Oh, how I miss Autumn. Only hot all year round here in Central Florida ... although when I first moved to Florida they did have three seasons (no winter but the other three). I love your post an will be looking up that book that you recommended.
Bright Blessings,

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like a fun "to do" list!

Danni said...

We have a very similar to-do list, dear! I hope your knee is starting to feel better. <3

Magic Love Crow said...

I love Autumn ;o) I have been decorating too ;o) It looks like there is another book I have buy ;o) Robin, you haven't been by my blog, I just wanted to let you know, you won one of my booby prizes ;o) Please e-mail with your address, so I can mail it to you ;o)
Hugs ;o)

Elle said...

great list! i received my copy of ellen dugan's book in the post last week! i love it!

hugs and love

Jeanne said...

A lovely list to help usher in a glorious season! :0)

Elaine said...

Quite the to do list and it all sounds like fun! Apple cake? Yum!
I do love sweater weather.

I am assembling my Fall to do list as well. Seems there is never enough time to get it all done!