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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Celebrate Oz! *** Toto Speaks ***

Note: the lovely Oma Linda of the blog  is hosting her second annual Celebrate Oz blog party today. Click on the link to visit Linda's blog, and to see the list of other party participants. We are off to see the Wizard!

A few days after Dorothy and Toto returned home from their adventures in Oz, Norris Newshound, reporter from the newspaper, "Barker's Chronicle", (their motto: "News for Dogs, and you can pee on it after") sat and stayed with Toto to learn his thoughts concerning his trip to see the Wizard.

NN: Toto, you don't look any worse for wear after your big trip.

Toto: Thanks, Norris, I don't feel too badly, though I am a little hoarse.

NN: There was a lot of barking?

Toto: Oh, you betcha! Tornadoes, wicked witches, weird Munchkins. And those trees!

NN: What about the trees, Toto?

Toto: Man, they were wild. They threw apples. I tried fetching them, but there were just too many. So I just barked and lifted my leg. You know how a dog loves a tree.

NN: Hmm, yes, well. Tell us a bit about your companions.

Toto: Well, you know I love Dorothy to death, but she has strange taste in friends. I mean, that Scarecrow tasted awful. You can't really sink your teeth into straw, you know. And every time you'd turn around, that Tin Man was calling for his oil can. I got a little tired of the "Oil can what?" joke. I mean, woof!

NN: Were you afraid of the Lion?

Toto: Are you serious? I could take him down with three paws tied behind my back.

NN: I understand the Flying Monkeys were rather terrifying.

Toto: Not much fun being carried away by one of those monkeys.

NN: It was painful and scary?

Toto: Naw, they just had a gawd-awful smell. Woof! You know, I like me some good smells. The Wicked Witch actually didn't smell that bad. Kinda like lollipops.

NN: You don't mean.......?

Toto: Yep, that Munchkin Mayor told us there used to be a lot more representatives of the Lollipop Guild.

NN: So Toto, you were a hero, weren't you, since you were the one who discovered the Wizard imposter.

Toto: Oh, sure, I decided it was "Curtains" for that guy. What a maroon.

NN: Do you think you would like to return to Oz some time, Toto?

Toto: Yeah, I think so. You know, they have that Horse of a Different Color? I heard they also have a Dog of a Thousand Smells, and that she ain't fixed! Woof, woof!

NN: Good dog, Toto. And this concludes our interview. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Glad you returned safely.

Toto: Thanks, Norris. There's no place like home, unless there's big juicy steak at the neighbor's.


New End Studio said...

I laughed out loud, great story! Visiting from the Celebrate Oz link.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Oh dearest, Toto, I feel your pain. What's a pretty dog to do with trees that won't allowed to pee on and stinky monkeys? I'm glad you got back okay ;-)

So Dark So Cute said...

Hello there! stopping by to say hi and to say you got a lovely story!

maddyrose said...

I was beginning to worry that Toto would never get to tell his side of the tale (tail?). LOL! This was so much fun and a great way to join in on the celebration. Hugs

Gina said...

Lol...that was a fun that the witch smells of lollipops :D XXX

IrelandBrady said...

Loved your interview with Toto! That little guy is as charming in person as on the big screen!

Happy "Celebrate Oz" Day!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Brilliant, Robin! Toto too often gets the short end of the stick, so to speak.

MJ said...

What a funny post! Thank you for sharing and Happy Celebrate Oz 2012 :)

Magic Love Crow said...

I am still laughing! Great interview! I love this Robin! I love your imagination! "A dog of a thousand smells, and she ain't fixed!" LOL! A+++ Hugs ;o)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What a fun interview with the adorable Toto! I really loved this post...very clever. Happy Celebrate Oz (a day late). :)

Mina said...

Oh Robin, this is absolutely adorable! I love Toto's interview. What a creative idea. ;-)

Plumrose Lane said...

What a darling post ~ love it and visiting! And yes... Blogger can be a real stinker sometimes!