Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet again

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yes, I am Rambling

I am happy to report that I survived my Diamond Jubilee Celebration and was treated royally by the family. Thanks to all for the lovely birthday greetings. But thank goodness it is over.

A quick update on Khloe, the little girl I wrote about here. Danni has returned from her trip home after seeing Khloe returned to good health. Her seizures were caused by a high fever as a result of an ear infection. It is certainly happy news.

With the heat across the country, fires in the West, power outages in the East this has been a rough summer so far for millions. We will all be continuing to send positive, healing energies to these areas.

Great new show on HBO for summer viewing pleasure:  The Newsroom. On recommendation from our son, we watched it last night. First episode was gripping. If you have seen it what do you think?

We are thinking about kittens. Big time. I wrote a couple of months ago that we thought we would not try to get a kitten or two, as our dog, Gwennie, barks at the phone ringing. Gwennie used to chase our MacKenzie-cat when the phone rang, somehow blaming him for this disturbing noise. It's been almost two years since MacKenzie crossed the Rainbow Bridge and the feline presence is sorely missed. So we are thinking of strategies to work with Gwennie. And keeping our eyes open for adoption possibilities of the kitten kind. Meanwhile, I continue to visit my Favorite cat blog, Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. A month-long fundraiser is going on at IBKC and lots of fun is to be had on this sweet blog. It is sad that these kittens are all the way across the country in the Seattle/Tacoma area because I would be adopting kittens there in a heartbeat. Yep, so smitten with kittens, I am.

Have a great Tuesday!


mxtodis123 said...

There's something about little kittens that melts your heart.

Have a wonderful holiday.

mrsduncanmahogany said...

Good news about Khloe! Did I somehow miss reading about your birthday? My apologies and happy belated Birthday to you! I will eat some cake in your honor! ;)

I too am smitten with kittens, we have 4!!! Soon I shall blog about all of them, when life is not getting in the way of my blogging!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Kittens! Great idea! I'm sure there are lots of adoptable ones to pick from at a nearby humane society.

Linda Wildenstein said...

I have a suggestion for you with Gwennie. We used this method on my much loved Saint Murphy. He would have a fit when the front door bell rang. His trainer told us to get a soda can, add some pennies (about 12) and everytime the doorbell rang and he started to bark, shake the can. It takes their attention away from the "Bad Noise". It worked. I even used it for other discipline needs. Doesn't hurt um.....just disrupts um.
Happy 4th which alway seems to be an oximoron. It should be named the day to terrify and torment the animals day. Too bad the can thing wouldn't work on idots who insist on firing illegal fireworks when where we live could just poof, go up in smoke, literally.
Oma Linda

Magic Love Crow said...

Hello my friend ;o) So happy you had a great Diamond Jubilee ;o) Robin, you asked about my mom's daises, I am sorry, I don't know the name of them. All, I can tell, you, is that she only bought two plants, 3 years ago and, she has hundreds of them now! She actually has to pull some out at the end of every season. They are very hardy too! So happy about Khole!! Very happy news! It's been very hot here too and no rain! I have started cutting things back in my garden that need lots of water, like my ferns. The ground is like sand! My mom and brother watch The Newsroom and LOVE IT!!! I have to get into it too! Get the kitten ;o) You will be happy ;o) Maybe Gwennie has changed? Big Hugs ;o)

Wendy S. said...

Kittens, who couldn't think of kittens? I am familiar with the longing for a kitten. I have two beloved kitties now that makes the perfect trio with me, but thinking of kittens always makes me smile. You know it's the right time when you start itching for kittens.