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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Mile a Minute

It's already Tuesday! Can the clock slow down just a bit, please? The weekend was ka-razy, let me tell ya!
So, my husband was due to return Sunday afternoon, but due first to "airplane maintenance" the flight was delayed. Every thirty minutes it was delayed further. It was finally cancelled at 8:00pm due to thunderstorms. My husband had just traveled 10 hours from Hawaii to Newark NJ, waited over 10 hours in an airport for his flight and ended up renting a car and driving 4 1/2 hours, arriving home at 1:00 am. What an arduous trip. Oh, and of course his luggage got lost!

Meanwhile, I am preparing for kittens all weekend. Shopping for the various accoutrement that is required for feline happiness. My son and I spent part of Sunday and most of Monday re-organizing the house for the impending arrival. Yes, this is true. We moved furniture, rearranged the family room and the living room. A cozy nook is being set up for the Calico Twins, but this requires a lot of thought and manual labor. (I do the thinking and Nicarus does the labor of course.) My mind is racing a mile a minute.

On top of all this it continues to be blistering hot, the garden is not thriving and I don't think I have turned the oven on in about three weeks. 

There are bright spots throughout the heat, work and worry, though. For one thing, I am having a giveaway. Please enter here if you haven't already. For another thing, we have the Celebrate Oz blog party on July 19th, hosted by our beloved Oma Linda. Please click on this link to find out all about Celebrate Oz, and to congratulate Linda on her 700th post! 

And then guess what? I received the sweetest email from the fantastic author and blogger, Magaly Guerrero.  She has given me a blog award. It's a bit humbling, and I find myself feeling a tad shy and slightly embarrassed when someone gives me an award. That's why you never see the blog awards on my sidebars. But I would like to thank Magaly so very very much for thinking of me and my little blog and giving me the Kreativ Blogger award. You can read about it here, at Magaly's great blog, Pagan Culture.

So the excitement is building so much for our trip to New Jersey this coming weekend. Meeting Sandy Sandy and her husband is going to be fun. Add to that, meeting and bringing home our kittens ...well I am over the moon!!

I am still trying to figure out some techie problems I am having with blogging; and two certain somebodies (Stacy and Kim!) are bugging me for something, and to make them happy, I have to figure out something else. So, send me some good technical vibes, you all.

Tune in tomorrow when I will announce the winner of my Giveaway. And please stay cool, okay?


mxtodis123 said...

I'm so anxious for your little kitties to arrive. You'd think they were coming to my house. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

No problems staying cool on this side of the ocean :-) But rather that than the heat You're having!

I have to say that I really don't do that much when a new pet moves to me :-) :-) :-) I just toss them inside the cottage and say, This is it :-) :-) :-)

I'm glad Your husband finally arrived :-) and I do hope the luggage will be found!

Have a great day despite the heat!

Mina said...

Congratulations on your wonderful award from Magaly! You are just one of the sweetest souls ever to be. Oh, your poor husband.

I will see you at the Celebrate Oz party, my sweet friend. Hugs always, Mina

Lady Caer Morganna said...

What a fiasco!! I am glad your hubby returned home safely.

Congrats on the Kreativ Blogger Award! You deserve it, my friend. And, YES Stacy & I are dying to see that post of yours! LOL!!



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oooooo, a Cozy Calico Nook! How wonderful!

Introverted Art said...

I am starting to study Wicca and a solitary one as well. :) I am so sorry about your hubbies journey. That was a trial for sure. Glad to have found your blog.

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Chicky ;o) Your poor hubby! I bet he was so tired! Kittens, kittens,! I am so excited for you! I bet Nicarus got a work out! LOL! Don't talk about the heat! This is not good! Mom and I were talking today, and I think we might have to take down one of our large evergreens! Because of the change of the weather! We are afraid of the storms that seem to be hitting us now, with high winds! Congrats on the award! You deserve it! I am bringing hot dogs to Oma's party, what are you bringing? And, yes, me and Kim really would like to see something!! ;o) Hugs ;o)

Jeanne said...

Traveling can be challenging at times! But glad Hubby made it home safe and sound. :0)
So much excitement! I know you are beside yourself! Nothing new babies in the house!