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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Raining, Kittens & Puppies

This morning it has been raining and I can hear the trees and shrubs laughing. The gardens are whooping it up too! And so are we humans.

Congratulations to my friend Christer who has just brought home a new puppy to join his family of three other great dogs and two sweet cats. Click on the following link to see pictures of Sune; he is adorable:
The Cottage by the CraneLake blog

Well done to my friend Sandy who just rescued a Momma cat and four kittens. Sandy and her husband have a wonderful place filled with wildlife, horses, cats, name it. She is also the most amazing artist. Here's a link to her blog where you can see some fabulous art and photos of the rescued kittens. And by the way, a couple of those kittens are getting adopted by a certain someone. More on that later.
SandySandyspiritartist blog

Wishing everyone cooler temperatures and rain. 


thecottagebythecranelakeolof1 said...

That blog is very nice! The kittens are adorable :-) I really liked that first hummingbird painting!and the Turkey photo is fantastic!

Sune is so cute, thankfully I have a heart made of stone when it comes to cuteness and begging eyes :-) :-) :-)

Congrats to the rain, I'll try to send over some more from us, we'll have another thunderstorm heading this way, soon I'll have to swim instead of walking with my dogs :-)

Have a great day!

mxtodis123 said...

I am so excited for you. I know how much you have been yearning for a feline fur baby. Now you will have two. I can't wait.

Lady Caer Morganna said...

YAY!!! Most excellent! I am soo happy you are finally getting your ktties that you have been yearing for.

I know that they will have a great home with you and will be a couple of very lucky kitty cats indeed!

Big hugs ~


Linda Wildenstein said...

Oh BB, having had 2 kittens together just once, I have to say that they were the sweetest I ever had. When they laid down head to head they made a heart with the rest of their bodies and tails. My Tortie girls. BB, I am so very excited for you. Oma Linda

mrsduncanmahogany said...

LOVE the background! Send some rain our way, we are drier than a cork leg around here ;)

I can't wait to hear more about kitties! Or any animal for that matter!

Rue said...

Yay for rain! It's such a boon for the land and gardens, isn't it? We are getting the heatwave here now - but we're managing so far.

Such a blessing when people take in animals to care for - congrats to both of them and their new furry friends!

Sandy Sandy said...

As always, thanks for your kind words, Robin! Your "Jersey Girls" are settling in nicely and they are real beauties! I will send some photos for you to post as soon as I get them. I am so excited that you will be their new mom and I know that they will have a most excellent life!! And of course, I am so thrilled that I will soon be meeting you, my dear online friend, in person!! Hugs and Kisses, Sandy and the calicos.

Bossy Betty said...

What would we do without those little critters? They bring so much life and love to us!

Magic Love Crow said...

We got some rain on saturday too! I just wish it could have stayed longer!!! Maybe it will come back? ;o) I hope ;o) The new puppy is adorable! What a great blog! And, those kittens!!! I want one! Which one are you getting? This is so exciting!

Kallan Kennedy said...

We're getting the rain here, finally. I'm hoping it doesn't just make things steamier. Hugs to you, Robin! have a great week!

Topper said...

The rain shall make the gardens grow...weeds too ugh.

Jeanne said...

Kudos to Sandy for rescuing Momma and family. :0) Just had to take a peak at the sweet babies and OH! Are they ever so cute?!? (Don't tell Gomez!) And I hope this means that a couple of those babies are coming to live with you! :0)
(On to the next post....)