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Friday, October 26, 2012

What??!! Another Giveaway??!!

Sweet Isis! Have we gone nuts here at Wiccan Writes? Nawww. A dear friend of mine, who is also the godmother of my darling offspring, went to a book sale at her library a couple of weeks ago. She called me actually, from the sale, saying there were some pagan books, would I be interested in any? I am not one to turn down books, nope. She picked up three books for barely a song during the last hour of the sale.
These books are incredible, perfect condition, mint even! In fact, sad to say, they look like they have never been read.

But, good for us. Of the three she sent me, two I have never read or own, but one I do own and have read a lot. So, my dear Wiccan Wreaders, I am giving away this book. (The other two that I am keeping and can't wait to read are: Celtic Wicca, Ancient Wisdom for the 21st Century by Jane Raeburn and The Real Witches' Kitchen, Spells, recipes, oils, lotions and potions from the Witches' Hearth by Kate West.....these books sound fabulous!)

The book I am giving away is called Sabbats A Witch's Approach To Living The Old Ways by the wonderful Edain McCoy. I have read several of Ms McCoy's books and enjoy her style of writing, her knowledge, spirituality and her Craft. Excellent author, highly recommended.

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This book talks about the "profound spiritual connection we feel to the change of seasons..and it shows how to intimately live that connection through meaningful ritual and craft...." (from the inside cover of the book).

It is a well-written book about the eight sabbats/eight sacred seasons. Also included are chapters on group and solitary rituals, spells, glossary, correspondence, symbols, recipes and a cross-stitch guide.

I know you will find this book a very useful resource.

Now, who would like this fine book?

Be a follower, leave a comment that you would like to have your name thrown into the cauldron and make sure I have a way to contact you in the event that your lucky name is drawn. Open to US and international readers.

The "Another Giveaway??" winner will be announced on the sacred sabbat of Samhain, October 31st before noon.
(and as always this little note: the winner must contact me within 48 hours or I will be forced, against my will, but I must be strong, to draw another winner.)

Okie doke?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm still reading (slowly!) and enjoying the last book I won in one of your giveaways (A Discovery of Witches) -- but that won't stop me from entering the draw for this one, LOL! Please add my name to your cauldron!

Anonymous said...

That book sounds very interesting so please count me in :-)

Have a great day!

Brandon Lee said...

I am somewhat new in the lifestyle that is Wicca, been watching your blog a bit recently and it sounds like that book would be an absolutely great addition to my ever-growing collection of books. Please count me in if you would be so kind!

Blessed be!

mrsduncanmahogany said...

Please toss me once again into the cauldron! I LOVE Edain's books and certainly would enjoy reading it!

Thanks Robin, you are very gracious!

Magic Love Crow said...

Please put my name into the cauldron ;o) I know if I don't win, I will be purchasing this book! It sounds amazing and the other two that you are keeping sound great too! Big Hugs Robin ;o)

Linda Wildenstein said...

Even though I have won a giveaway from you recently, I would love to have my name entered in this giveaway. I have looked at this book a couple of times and it is on my "yeah, that's a good one" list. Does this make me a bad old thing? I sure hope so, I work really hard at being one. bwahahahahaha, Oma LInda

Samantha Stephens said...

I'm a new follower, but a long time reader of your blog and I would like to have my name thrown into the cauldron. Thanks!

Lady Caer Morganna said...

What a great giveaway! I already have this book and it is wonderful and will soon be the gift of some lucky recipient!



Introverted Art said...

OMG, love giveaways!!!!

Mina said...

Oh my goodness! What a wonderful giveaway. Please add my name in your simmering cauldron. Have a lovely week, my precious friend. Mina

Pumpkin Cottage said...

Count me in! I always love a great giveaway!!

Shell said...

I'm throwing my name in the cauldron. I am a follower, Robin.