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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pssst!! Get Over Here!!

Grievings Blog People! Remember me? It's Rotten Darkspur. I was here last year about this same time. If you weren't around then you can check it out HERE  and HERE

I've been hanging around for a few days now....gotta a good deal on the astral plane. It's a lot easier this time of year, you know, thinning veil and all that, like I told you all before.

It's been dicey cos the Wiccan's gotten herself some felines since I been here last. I hate felines, all that hissing and spitting and claws and all. Not that I'm scared of the things, hell no! I got me some talons myself. Felines act up when I'm around and I don't want the Wiccan to get any ideas about doing one of those smoking spells, with sage and chanting and whatnot. That gets really irritating, plus it makes it impossible to get back in the house. I kind of caught her just before she's gonna do that Samhain, whatcha call it, cleansing.

Now don't get me wrong. I ain't here to do any kind of harm or crap like that. I just like checking out this side for a while, and I got me a good hidey hole nearby.

I am using the computer right now cos the Wiccan's downstairs somewhere playing with those bratty cute little felines. 

Get this, humans. There's a big storm blowing around somewhere down the coast aways. Really cool stuff with huge winds and rains and gigantic waves. I am hoping like crazy it is gonna blow this way. I love me a great good storm. I grab some of that energy swirling around and I am set. Keeps me pumped up and on this plane for quite a while.

And I want to be here for Samhain night. Go stretch all my legs and get some thrills scaring those Trick or Treaters. Now, now, don't get yer knickers in a bunch. I don't scare the little little kids. I like to take on those big teenager kids cos they are way too old to be competing for candy, and not even wearing costumes. Come on, admit it, you think it's great that I am gonna scare the bejeezers out of those kids.

So I better get going, cos I think those felines are headed this way, which means the Wiccan is coming and I don't want her to catch me typing. And remember, don't let on that I was here. No harm done, right? 

Hey, you all have been real nice to ole Rotten Darkspur. Maybe I'll see you again soon.(don't worry, you probably won't see me, lol! lol! lol! lol!)

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mrsduncanmahogany said...

LOL! Not that I am laughing at Rotten Darkspur, oh no, I would never do that! I am just thinking what a perfect story for a dark, stormy night. I would love to walk in those woods!! Stay safe!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Long time no see, Rotten Darkspur. Watch out for the kitties!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

-gigggles- I'll be thinking of you, ole Rotten Darkspur, when 'Sandy' is windin' and rainin' and whoopin' it up, around my neck of the woods.

Good suggestion. I should try to grab some of her energy, for myself. Can't hurt! ,-)

Happy Halloween, Samhain!

Jeanne said...

Where ya been keepin' yurself all these months Darkspur? I know, kinda hard to get out-n-about with Kitties lurking around.
{{pssst! Don't tell the Wiccan but I kinda like the idea of scaring those teenagers! :0)}}

Linda Wildenstein said...

Rotten Darkspur is it? Been a while. Glad you got your astral plane before the winds closed that portal as well. Wind and churning are all well and good but keep in mind the kitties own that piece of land you're on. Cats always do. Beware the kitties.
Happy Haunting......Oma LInda

thecottagebythecranelaketwo said...

Nice to see You again Rotten :-) and if the storm arrtives do stay on the safe side!


The Boston Lady said...

I'm quite glad I have a kitty in my house! And I agree with an above comment - good spooky story - wait, I mean, I know it's real and I actually got a chill. Great TRUE story to entertain with and I must agree with you about those uncostumed teens with the sullen faces... Ann

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Rotten Darkspur!! Happy to see you again!! The wind is blowing like crazy around in my end! You should fly on over, you would have some fun! You better be nice to our Wiccan and the new kitties!!! ;o)

maddyrose said...

I'll bet you got the last astral plane over before all was closed down due to the weather. I hear the winds are going to be fiendish so take care. Beware the kitties! They can be sneaky. It's the way of the cat. 3^}