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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Gift Basket

A beautifully wrapped gift basket arrived on Tuesday. From The Traveler at Lost in Astral Space blog. I had won her giveaway.

As I unwrapped it, the most delightful aroma wafted out and swirled around me. Included was an adorable homemade card, signed by The Traveler and her family.  The basket was full of the most creative homemade gifts: Sunshine in a Jar Lemon Butter, Sweet as Honey Apple Butter (can't wait to try this!), reusable tea bags and home mixed teas, Lemon Sugar Face Scrub, hand dipped rose petal soap, and a list of the ingredients in everything, and instructions for use.  What a great gift, and I would like to formally thank the Traveler and her wonderfully talented family for this terrific basket!! A perfect Yule gift. Blessings to them!!

Take a look at these icicles hanging off the roof, outside my bedroom window. I feel like the Ice Queen!

A day of baking for me today. And listening to all my favorite music of the season.

Enjoy your day, too!


faerwillow said...

~what a beautiful basket filled with wonderful treats...enjoy! i too will be spending the day baking...a cheesecake and gingerbread triffle for me to attempt...warm holiday wishes and brightest blessings~

The Traveler said...

We're so glad you liked it! We had a lot of fun making it =).

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great basket to get at christmas time :-)

Have a Good Yule!

andrea said...

Your window is the most enchanted thing!!! so cool, we don;t get snow here in California. Happy Holidays!! New follower