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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Guess What?

The Traveler over at the blog  Lost in Astral Space had a giveaway. Guess who won? Yep, little ole Robin Larkspur. It is a beautiful basket of homemade goodies such as teas, soaps, and an intriguing sleeping potion. Her kids helped her, and I am very much looking forward to receiving this wonderful gift. I will of course share photos when it arrives.

A quick note here: I actually did bake some cookies yesterday (with a lot more baking today and tomorrow) and wanted to share a photo of these delightful little butter-nut balls that we only make in December. I seldom get a chance to actually get the cookies into a festive container, as many hands sneak in as the cookies are cooling!

Stolen cookies
More photos on Monday.


SpiritWings said...

They look yummy!! And I know how those little hands work....we have way to many of them at our house! Sometimes I feel I need to have one hand on my broom and the other with my spatchla just to guard them. LOLOL
Good luck today in your baking!!

Anonymous said...


Even I baked today while I was in my most bad mood :-) I made a sponge cake and put in all kinds of christmas spices :-)

Have a great day now!

strell4 said...

Well, well, those look mighty good. Hmmmm need an address????!!!!!!!

Topper said...

Oh the yummy Butternut balls!!