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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Already Tuesday??!

Yikes, time is getting away from me. Especially since I spent a good part of yesterday reading the new Dean Koontz paperback, Breathless. It is an amazing suspense book, and I loved it! So now I am scurrying around today getting on with Yule projects. Of course it is snowing like the Dickens outside. (Now where did that expression come from, I wonder...when something is doing something "like the Dickens"?)

So very short today...but long in good wishes to everyone!

One of my favorite ornaments on our Yule Tree


mxtodis123 said...

Oh, he is my favorite horror author. Used to read him all the time. I was just saying this morning that I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. My goodness, I used to be finished by now.

Anonymous said...

I have to look for that book over here! Perfect reading at Christmas :-)

Have a great day now!

Lyn said...

I didn't know Koontz had a new book out - will have to check that out. Like I need another book to distract me ;-)

D.Suplicki said...

It's not snowing here yet, but it's been frigid and windy with threats of freezing rain! I've spent the last few days snuggled on the couch working on Yule gifts and reading some new witchy books I was recently gifted.

Stay warm and enjoy your reading!

Topper said...

This is quite a snowy December! We had a quarter inch Monday, it actually snowed all day but it only stuck to the grass and cars, it melted on the sidewalks and streets. It was icy at nightfall though. Its supposed to snow, rain, sleet/rain/snow and snow on Thursday here. I think it will be a day off for me. It will just depend on the time of day and the how cold it gets. Then its supposed to be in the 40's on Friday!