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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It Won't Stop Snowing!

It has been snowing here since Sunday...from the kitchen window, you can see icicles and a portion of the snowy fence.

the back porch..look at the bird feeders!

The front porch
The front steps
Intrepid husband snow-blowing the driveway
I won't be going anywhere in a hurry! It is supposed to snow all day today, as well.  It looks like we have well over 2 feet of snow and probably getting close to 3 feet before it is done! This is lake-effect snow due to our proximity to Lake Ontario. Cold air hits warmer water, creating heavy snowfall. Our average snow accumulation here is usually 112 inches by March. I think we are well on our way!!

I guess this would be a good opportunity to get all those things around the house done. 

Hot chocolate is now being served.


mxtodis123 said...

It's beautiful. I kind of miss those snowfalls. We get them here in the city once in awhile, but between the plows and the people walking, it gets messy real quick.

Anonymous said...

It snows now and again here too. But I think You might have passed us now :-) :-) It´s so much nicer to see Your snow than to have to walk around in the snow we have here :-) :-)

Have a great day now!

Topper said...

We had a light dusting of snow here Sunday, it was gone by 10 am. Its been below normal here also, it was 16 on my patio Tuesday morning. The high today is to be 37. normal is low 5o's. I hope the snow melts soon and it warms up for you.