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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Pagan Profile

I knew I was forgetting something. Weeks ago Aine at  created a place for people around the Blog-o-sphere to gather and share about their pagan paths. She has devised a questionnaire where you are free to answer as much or as little as you like, or even write your own questions. Once you have posted your profile on your blog, you link up with the other Pagan Profiles on Aine's blog. It is a great way to be part of a Circle within the blogging community. Also, a way to learn more about those who frequent "your blog, my blog and their blog".  If you are interested in participating, just click on the link above for Aine's blog, and there you will find the Pagan Profile header.  Thanks Danni, from the Whimsical Cottage for posting your pagan profile today, which reminded me!!!

Pagan Profile

Name (real or blogname)Robin Larkspur

Location: Central New York State

Profession: Home Arts Specialist

Hobbies/Interests: Crafting, gardening, reading, writing, pets, blogging, family, and many passing fancies.

Blog/Website name: Wiccan Writes


If your identity was hidden somehow, (i.e.  if you were behind a dark curtain or a sound-proof booth)  and someone else was asked to describe you to the person behind the curtain, how would you like to be described OR what would you like this blog circle to know about you? Robin Larkspur has sincere brown eyes, a ready smile, and her sense of humor is at times quite witty, and at other times a little corny. Her love of family, friends, animals and nature guide her activities and daily life. Robin is passionate about current issues in the world. A little shy at first, she will warm up to a new person after observing for a while.

Your spiritual pathWiccan

How did you find your current path? Since a very small child, I have had a strong connection to the natural world, getting excited about sunsets, shooting stars, beautiful meadows and woods, and wild birds. This connection finally led me after many years to the realization that I was pagan. Taking a Reiki I certification course 12 years ago opened my eyes to a spirituality that I had not experienced before. Step by step, I found Wicca.

Previous spiritual path(s) (if any): Episcopalian till the age of 14. Then drifting through many religions (baptist, methodist, baha'i, messianic judaism, non-denominational...etc.)

What drew you to and continues to keep you on this path? Initially, reading many books, meditation, and writing about pagan ways, wiccan ways, and the Universal connection that exists between people, nature and all living things both animate and inanimate. Learning about magick and the elemental energies have given me a sense of Being that nothing else has ever done. This path keeps me going, because it is not static, always changing, something new to learn, and I feel like I am part of Something beautiful.

What, if anything, disappoints you about your path - what would you change if you could? I think I am most disappointed about the difficulty of connecting with other Wiccans in my local area. I love being Solitary, but I would enjoy gathering with like-minded people for support, socialization, exchange of ideas, etc.  I am also disappointed that I have come across judgmental pagans who profess to be the only experts or holding the keys to the "Right Way to be a Pagan". I would like all pagans to feel they are on the right path, and not worry about making mistakes.

If you’ve been pagan for several years, what changes have you seen in the Pagan community as a whole, and/or your own practice? In the blogging community I have seen pagans wanting to reach past the generic practices we find in many of the books. There are a lot more Solitary Practitioners than ever before, and I think we are all exploring ways to position ourselves spiritually in a more personal and meaningful and relative way. I am much more open to new ways of doing things, not so quick to dismiss something that at first seems too New or Odd.

Do you have any spiritual practices that you created yourself - that are not the kind normally found in books or practiced in groups? Generally my practices are based on the writings of Scott Cunningham. I do not perform highly ritualistic or formal magick. I prefer simple spellcasting, sometimes spur of the moment magick. My sabbat observances are loosely structured, and I don't have a uniform ritual for each one. I do admit to having a rather disorganized and messy Book of Shadows at this time, which I am currently re-doing. (I am embarrassed to admit this!)

What subjects are you interested in reading about in books and blogs? I currently have a strong interest in learning about Spirit Guides and Animal Totems. I have also been delving into the Celtic Gods and Goddesses to see if I want to expand my spiritual relationships. I always love reading about Herbals, Magickal gardening, stones. I am drawn to blogs by witty, well-written folks who don't spend too much time complaining about their lives, but talking about how being pagan is working in their lives. I also am quick to acquire a book that a trusted blogger recommends.

What in your life do you consider “sacred?Well, first and foremost all living things, both animate and inanimate, from animals, trees, stones, stars, people, wind...all this is sacred. My love of the Lord and the Lady is sacred. My magickal practice is sacred, I have sacred space in my house and garden, and I can create sacred space where ever I might be. Words are sacred. My marriage is sacred. My children's love and relationships are sacred. Any time spent in even the simplest spiritual practice is sacred.

What about you or your life are you working towards changing - short term/long term? I always have many short term goals, mainly involving household organization, healthy eating and cooking, expanding my Wiccan practices, beginning a craft business. As for long term goals, I would have to say being a good and useful individual in this world, being a loving wife to my adorable husband, and trying to stay reasonably sane in this world of ours.

What energies do you want to rid yourself of - what energies do you want to bring in?  I will admit that I have had a tendency of being self-defeating in certain areas of my life, and I have been working to change and delete that totally. I am always looking for ways to bring in as much positive, fruitful energies to aid in my quest to be more involved in service to the Goddess and God (such as the energy to make the time to volunteer for some of the issues I am passionate about).

What about the world would you like to see change - short term/long term? Obviously, this planet of ours is being atrociously abused every day by pollution, consumerism, lack of conscientious "green" practices by big business, small business, and citizens of the world. Alternate sources of energy must be implemented to rid ourselves of dependency on fossil fuels, outright prohibition of "hydro-fracking", cessation of senseless wars, and taking care of our starving, our poverty-stricken, our elderly. Getting back to the basics of living a more simple life...starting with simply buying locally produced food, and not being so caught up in the purchase of cheap foreign made products.

What has made and/or continues to make you truly happy? My marriage and my children make me very happy. Wicca makes me happy. Music and books make me happy.

What is your favorite word? I have too many favorite words, but I do enjoy saying the word, "Mimosa"

What/who inspires you? I am inspired everyday by people who endure and thrive despite physical or emotional handicaps. I am inspired by people who commit to serve others. And I am inspired by witnessing great and beautiful things that exist on this planet.

If at the end of your life, you were given a new name, which in one word described your contribution to the the web of life (the connections you made, people you touched, etc., ) what would your name be? Empath


Danni said...

I'm so glad I was able to remind you to do this, I learned so much about you and your path and see we have more than we had originally thought in common! Thank you for sharing such a well written and well thought out summation of yourself, while you say 'mimosa' I may have to go make one... ;)

Mina said...

It is wonderful to get to know more about you. Thank you for sharing.

Lady Caer Morganna said...

I think this is a fantastic idea!!! A wonderful resource for getting to know others in our community - right on, sisters!!! Thanks, Robin!

Blessed be,


kijjet said...

I think your disappointments about the path are right on. Also, who says you can't have a messy book of shadows! That, to me, is nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes disorganization can inspire new insights. As you go through older things you've written, you may not remember all the details or exactly what you used the spell for and who knows what new things it might inspire!

It was nice reading more about you! I think I'm going to try and fill out one of these profiles tonight. :)

Magic Love Crow said...

Robin, thanks so much for this fantastic post! You are a wonderful person! I am just learning about Wicca. I have always loved nature, animals and meditated with my stones. I feel a real connection with Wicca ;o) I had to look up what Mimosa meant. I didn't know it was a tree? Very interesting! I actually read your post twice! Thanks so much again, for sharing all of this ;o) Take Care and Hugs ;o)