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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wiccan Rites--Small Rites

One of the many nice aspects of Wicca is the opportunity to add new ideas and ways of celebrating this path.  Not being locked into a structured and strict practice, one has the freedom to expand or subtract; something new and exciting, or taking away something that has become tired or just does not work anymore. As I have studied and grown on this Wiccan path, I no longer have the "fear" of doing things wrong, of being timid or hesitant to try something that in the beginning would have been out of my comfort zone. As I have said before, there are no "pagan police" patrolling the cosmos looking for infractions. It really is an exhilirating feeling to know this path will never grow stagnant or boring, useless or restrictive.

My latest daily activity pleases me very much. Often times a thought will occur to me, or perhaps I read something on line, in the newspaper or a book or have a conversation and I have the need or desire to take action. Rather than wait for an esbat (full moon observance) or wait to cast a circle at night after the household has quieted down, I have created what I call "Small Rites". Taking a few moments, I light a candle and/or incense and simply spend quiet time thinking about whatever the subject may be. Being in the moment just sending out positive energy without needing ritual tools or fancy words. A small rite that acknowledges that the Universal power is always there, always ready to be accessed.

This is a Small Rite, but not a small task. It is not small in power by any means.

I decided this morning to prepare a small tray with a candle and lighter(to represent the fire element), incense(to represent the element of air), a tiny dish of salt (to represent the earth element) and a small vase of flowers which will be filled with water from my Full Moon-charged water supply.  The tray is quite portable, so I can carry it to any location in the house. I might a few small objects from time to time to my Small Rites tray.

Now I am prepared at any given moment to honor the Goddess and God, send out comforting or healing energy, ask for help or guidance, or whatever else the subject might be.  So simple, yet so meaningful to me.


Anonymous said...

That is a great way to do it. Even if you have a small space you always have a little altar at hand !!
Have a great weekend.

mxtodis123 said...

I have a portable altar. I have so little space in my home. I also keep an ancestor altar that is permanent. The ancestor altar is almost always in use.

SpiritWings said...

I love that you wrote about this. I often take time during my day to just stop what I am doing and just feel what is around me. I send out my thanks get back to my day. =] This helps keep me connected and centered. I like your idea of a small portable alter to use when the moment strikes. I will have to give that a try.
Thanks for sharring!

Aine said...

I love this idea - small rites. I find just as much energy in a few moments of concentration and intent as I do in a full blown ritual. It's just about taking the time (even if it's just a few moments) to be really truly present.

Lady Caer Morganna said...

You are indeed correct, my sister! Your intent is more powerful than any other tools you may use. As we talked about previously, the "fancy little extras" are merely additional tools that provide an atmostphere to aid in our state of mind, nothing more really.

Blessed Be!


Magic Love Crow said...

Very meaningful post to me Robin! Thanks so much! I often do this through out the day as well ;o) Hugs, take care my friend ;o)

Anonymous said...

My church, the Swedish Mission church doesn´t have an especially strict and structured practice when thinking of it. The thing I liked most when I asked for information about the church is that the statues of the church says that no one has the right to say that You thinks/ believes or is doing wrong and that was how I liked it (well the faith in Jesus Christ is a must of course :-) :-) :-) ).

So I really understand how You mean. Some people might need strict structure but I just can´t stand it :-) :-) :-)

I hope You´ll get a wonderful easter weekend!

Mina said...

Sometimes the smallest rites are most powerful. Thank you for this wonderful post.