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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Old Ways--Try these Beltane Customs

Even with torrential downpours and blustery thunderstorms, the gardens, yards, trees, bushes are leafing out, flowering up, greening and blooming. It is finally safe to say that the cold winter months have receded, and though we may still have some frosty mornings for a few more days, Spring is here!! Beltane is a celebration of the arrival of warmer weather and the planting season. Planting of gardens, yes, and also planting of seeds of new ideas and inspirations. Setting goals for this new season. A whole new world of wonders to experience and enjoy. Summer is coming, the sun is shining (well, in some places!) and we all feel lighter and free.

I have been reading through quite a few books, just looking for some new ideas for my Beltane Celebration. I found some "Old Ideas" that are new to me, and am planning on incorporating some of them this sabbat.

1.Beating the Bounds. This custom involves walking around the boundaries of one's property to invoke protection. In some places, the entire community would walk the boundaries of their village, proceeding deosil (clockwise) around the boundary. This would be an excellent time to walk around your house, yard, apartment building, or just your personal space. You can speak, chant, sing or silently appeal for protection.

2. Petitions for good health. Take ribbons or fabric strips and write requests for healing, then tie them to a tree. I have read that hawthorn, ash, thorn and sycamore are the magical trees of Beltane, but really any tree or shrub will do.

3. May Day Morning Dew. Long ago, young women would rise very early on May Day and collect the dew from leaves and grass. Washing their faces with dew, perhaps rolling in the dewy grass, was believed to make them beautiful, thereby becoming more attractive to the young fellows. I personally don't want to attract any young fellas, but it would be a sweet thing to walk through the morning dew, thinking about the beauty of the day and the love of my life.

Really, there are countless ways to mark this Beltane sabbat; imaginative, creative, fun ways. It is time to be merry and even frivolous. Good food, good friends, love and laughter. Enjoy. Celebrate the Season.

Morning Dew
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goddessandmagick said...

Good rituals! Is like we said, we to basics. The good old days rituals are the best! Keep then , it keeps the tradition alive! Blessed be.Happy Beltane.

SharleneT said...

Thanks for the tips! As soon as the wind and rain leaves us, I'm going to take a stroll around my property and place healing strips about. I love that idea. (Normally, I put the names on strips of paper and then into my healing jar; but, I really like this idea, too!)
Thanks for sharing.

mxtodis123 said...

I love May Day and its old customs. I think if I didn't live here in the city, I'd still be utilizing some of them.

Celestial Elf said...

Great Post :D
thought you might enjoy my Beltane Blessing machinima film
Bright Blessings
elf ~

Robin Larkspur said...

Hi Elf, thanks for the video link, I will check it out.

Mary, I know city living puts a crimp in "Nature" celebrations; I am sure though, that you find ways to observe sabbats and other event. Spirit is found even in the tiniest places in the city.

Sharlene, I love your ways of celebrating!

GoddessandMagic, Traditions are at the heart of many of our celebrations, you are right!! And it is always lovely to start new traditions too.

Anonymous said...

I remember my grandmother talking about some of those rituals from when she was young :-) Not that long ago to be honest. Many of those traditions still existed then and perhaps still does here.

Have a great day!

Magic Love Crow said...

Robin, I love this post and I will be doing all 3 that you wrote about ;o) Thanks so much for the information about this wonderful celebration ;o) Take Care!

Robin Larkspur said...

Thanks Stacy, I hope you have a great Beltane!

Robin Larkspur said...

Christer, traditions passed down through the generations are beautiful. Glad you remember hearing about customs from your grandmother.

Mina said...

I have never heard of the Petitions for Good Health. I love the entire ritual and will be incorporating that into my own day.

Robin Larkspur said...

That is very nice to hear, Mina!

Deborah said...

Wow...thank you for sharing this...I can't wait to walk my yard!

1,001 Blessings...Deborah

Lady Caer Morganna said...

Excellent post, Robin! Have a very Blessed Beltane and enjoy your celebration!

Blessed be,