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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Go to your Happy Place"

So I didn't tell you all this because, are really going to think something is "not-quite-right" with ole Robin Larkspur. But........two weeks ago I sprained my foot. And last week I went to the doctor for an x-ray to see if the foot was broken. Not broken, hurray, but the sprain caused an acute flare-up of arthritis (which I did not know was in the foot). So the doc gave me one of those big boots to wear to help support the foot and scheduled me for a cortisone injection. Which was today.

I am settled on the x-ray table, as he is going to administer this injection using the x-ray to make sure he gets the right spot. He tells me to take a few deep breaths and "go to your happy place".  As he is rubbing the iodine on  my foot and getting ready to inject the first of two large needles, I wanted to say..."Wait, I have only gotten to "mildly amused", can you wait a little longer?!!!"

Well, needless to say, the procedure was carried out, and after some huffing and puffing, and more than one or two tears, it was done.Hopefully this will solve the pain, at least for a few months.

What I also failed to mention though, was while wearing the big boot the other night, my HH took me out for dinner to cheer me up. Coming out of the restaurant, I stepped on uneven pavement with the booted foot, and hyperextended the bad knee I hurt during the infamous CourtHouse fall fiasco. So it is inflamed again. But, hey, my foot will feel better soon. And at least I haven't poked my other eye!!

As I mentioned before:



Protection ritual coming up asap!!


Linda in New Mexico said...

shhhhhhhh, don't talk about your other eye silly woman.
Gosh, I am so sorry. NQR huh? I think I understand. Please be careful. Oma Linda

The Wicked Writer said...

I do hope your foot and knee feels better real soon.

Deborah said...

lol had my attention at "go to your happy place"!!!!

I haven't visited mine in awhile thanks for the reminder!

Blessings, Deborah

Witchy Cats said...

LOL! Oh, Robin, listening to you explain your story is (for me) a lot like "looking in the mirror!" My parents used to call people like us "doppick" ~ which means very clumspy in Pennsylvania Dutch.

Oh well, atleast lide isn't boring, eh?

Hope you feel better,


mxtodis123 said...

Oh my, I feel your pain. Please take care of yourself. (((Hugs)))

Danni said...

Lol, oh, Robin... from one klutz to another, I feel your pain! You're a braver one than I am though, because no way in the seven hells is someone sticking a needle in my foot!! Yeeouch!

I hope you get to feeling better (and staying upright ;-)) soon. xox

Anonymous said...

As my family tells me on a weekly basis, "girl, you a hot mess" ; )

Aine said...

Whaaatt? This is crazy! All I can say, my friend, and roll your eyes if you must, is "protection spells, protections spells, protection spells.

Hey, what can it hurt, right?

Let's face it you have had more than your share of bad "juju" lately. Just sayin.'

Vivienne Moss said...

Thank you for the smile. Reading your story made me think of my oldest, she is accident prone.I do hope you start to heal very soon. Please try to be very careful from now on. Now I'm off to my happy place!

Blessings, V.

Jeanne said...

Me thinks it's Goblins! Perhaps a bit of sweet milk or a bite of bread will appease them. :0)
Do get to feeling better! And a protection spell before you go anywhere!!

maddyrose said...

Good to know I'm not the only klutz. Believe me, I know, it's goblins. They're been following me around for years and I'm sure they're the reason some of us are considered doppicks.

goddessandmagick said...

Oh dear Rovin! so sorry to hear all your pain. all things that are painful , will keep us in shape, for sure. Walking sloww, thinking slowww. We just get protective of any further harm. Healing to you.Get the boot ti the ritual!!

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for You! This must be a bad case of goblins I'm afraid.
Those injections are so painful and I'll refuse to take them for as long as I can, no matter how good one feels after a while :-)

Take care!

Magic Love Crow said...

Robin, my poor friend! I know it isn't funny, but you did give me a smile, thank you! Please be careful! I am sending you big hugs ;o) Now, go put that foot up and cover your eyes ;o)

Mina said...

Oh Robin! Bless your heart. I am so sorry these things keep happening to you. I say you get a good bottle of wine and sit with it propped up. Do you have a local young hottie who can step and fetch chocolates, fruits, cheeses, whatever you desire when you desire it? ;-)

I had a cortisone shot in the nerves of my wrist once and believe me when I say I know that is no fun. It took every ounce of strength I had not to knock that doctor on his butt as I teared up from the pain. Honey, I hope you get to feeling better soon.