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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Random Sentences

Firstly, an update on my brother: He was transferred this week to an acute rehabilitation hospital and is working hard to gain back his strength. After two strokes it will take time; the doctors are saying he should make a full recovery. Very good news!!

So now I think I can get back into some regular daily activities including this blog! And cleaning house, playing with my dogs, baking and crafting for the upcoming holidays, laughing. It has been a while since there was much laughter here, as you can imagine.

Every morning now there is heavy frost. I do not laugh at having to scrape the car. But the beauty of a frosty morning cannot be denied.

And now it is time, this weekend, to set our clocks back. (Remember also to change the batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors!). I guess winter really is coming. I would enjoy a much longer autumn, really, don't you agree?

Today is my Good Friend Dee's birthday! She is my fellow bird-lover, garden buddy, dog fanatic. Many happy wishes are flying off to her!!

My HH and I broke down and watched the movie "Season of the Witch".  Blech. And not really about witches. Not much else to say about it.

We still have to prepare the gardens for winter, so far behind in that respect. Also, a big load of firewood will be dumped in our driveway. It is going to make me very tired watching HH and nicarus stack it all. (ahem).

Upcoming here at Wiccan Writes: the giveaway I was unable to do in October; some chatter about books; my contributions to The Deepest Well blog Witches Circle conversations; preparations for Yule; a couple of new original short stories; and, oh so much more.

Have a super Saturday!  Blessed Be!!


Vivienne Moss said...

Good to hear your brother is doing well. I too find the morning frost beauitful(though not on the car). I am happy you will be able to get more things done. I cna't wait till i am finished with my house so I can sit back and enjoy.

Thanks for the thoughts on "Season of the Witch". I'll probably watch it so I can see how bad it is.

November Blessings, V.

maddyrose said...

Good news concerning your brother's condition. I can't even imagine how hard this has been on you and your family. It's good that things are getting back to normal for you. Have a great weekend.

Linda in New Mexico said...

So very glad that your brother is going to be okay. Lots of hard work ahead but goodness the outcome sounds good.
So glad to hear from you. I have missed you and look forward to you wit, wisdom and the fun.
XOXO Oma Linda

Spiritartartist said...

Enjoyed your update, Robin. Glad things are looking better for your brother. Not looking forward to the time change and agree, we need to see more of Autumn! Hugs, Sandy

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Your brother is recovering and will get back to normal again :-)

It seems You'll get the long winter this time and we the short one, still really warm and nice here. Gives me some problems when it comes to sowing trees and bushes, there's a risk that they will start to early now.

Have a great day!

Lady Caer Morganna said...

Great news about your brother - YEAH! (And I totally agree with you about wishing the Fall season would last longer!)

I, too, will be getting ready for the up-coming Yule sabbat. Dislike the weather as a whole, but LOVE to decorare the house! LOL!

Looking forward to your Give-Away and the very exciting stuff to come ~ great to have you back!!!



Anonymous said...

Oh!! That really was random!! Sometimes I take things too literal!!

I'll be sending healing thoughts to your brother for a speedy full recovery!!

And birthday wishes to your friend - a fellow Scorpio!! Hurray for Scorpios!!

A suggestion/request for you??? I would love to hear about how you prepare a garden for winter. I just bought a house two years ago and I'm still learning how to properly care for a vegetable garden.

It might just make a great blog posting... (hint,hint!)

Magic Love Crow said...

Hello My Friend ;o) I am so happy for your brother! Yeh! We are having heavy frost here as well! I have started to burlap the trees! Only one left ;o) Happy Birthday to your friend ;o) Mom and I just watched Season of the Witch too. Not good! And, like you said, it wasn't about witches??? Don't understand the title? Take Care and Big Hugs ;o)

Sandi said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Robin. Glad things are looking better for you, and enjoy the extra hour deserve it.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Yay for your brother getting better! I'm so happy for him. I was dancing and raising energy yesterday and he was in my thoughts and prayers, so it feels great to know that things are getting better. And a full recovery in the horizon? What a blessing.

Now get to cleaning and catching up; we've missed you ;-)

Aine said...

Fantastic news about your brother!! So glad to have you back!

Jeanne said...

Such good news about your brother. I know you are now able to relax a bit and enjoy what the season has to offer. :0)