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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pumpkin Pie, Drumming and Time Between Time

Pumpkin pie for breakfast! Oh, yeah!

Um, oh, where was I? Sorry, got distracted by that delicious thought! Anyway, so here it is a balmy Saturday for us here in northern New York. Almost 60 degrees F at the end of November. I will enjoy it though as long as possible, because the arctic chill from Canada will be sweeping through here soon, bringing with it those icy winds and heavy snows. Back to the season where it takes several minutes to get dressed to head out into the weather! 

Last night was our monthly drumming circle. A fellow was there who brought an authentic didgeridoo from Australia. It was an amazing experience as he blew into it and made the droning, eerie sound. We drummers began a slow, steady beat which evolved into a trance-like rhythm. A very unique experience that I loved. We enjoyed two hours of fanciful drumming, wild, jungle beats and loud, primal rhythms. We drum for 10 to 15 minutes, take a little rest, then start up a new rhythm. Each set was different from the last. There were about 20 drummers last night, and it was, as always, exhilarating.

Update on my brother: He has been in the acute rehabilitation hospital for 26 days now. Still some problems with balance and weakness on the left side. He is also, still, a "fall risk". But every day a little progress is made in strengthening with lots of physical and occupational therapy. He works hard, and though he has low moments, is generally in good spirits. 

Time to put away all the Thanksgiving things, make some turkey soup and begin thinking about the Yule decorating. 

No rush though. This is the Time-Between-Time, when the earth is wrapped in darkness (in the Northern Hemisphere) and the Wheel of the Year seems suspended in time, between the life and the death of seasons. A good time to reflect on one's own life, on preparations for new beginnings, on settling loose ends both mentally and physically and spiritually. Each moment is important. Slow down for a bit. And give some thought to the darkness.

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Hugs and blessings from Robin.


Spiritartartist said...

Lovely post with a perfect ending Robin! Hugs, Sandy

Linda in New Mexico said...

lovely post. Thanks for the update on your brother. I know it must be hard to watch and not be able to make it all better. Improvement is a blessing.
Warm weather here as well. Kids and SM are out putting up the outside lights. I love that "HE" has other people to help...yay for me.
I'm fixing Thanksgiving dinner for tomorrow...yes, we are a day late (actually 2) and at least a dollar short, but we'll all be together tomorrow.
I will be so glad to get past this holiday and do exactly as you have said, meditate on the between time. Good for what propels one into the light.
Drumming.....awwwww I miss that. Must find somewhere to go and listen since I can't do any longer.
Be well BB, XOXO Oma Linda

Aine said...

So glad to hear from you! And happy that your brother is making progress. I just brought the Yule decorations out today. I like to refresh my memory about what I have before I buy anything else. I don't think after looking at it that I have to buy much at all!!

It is an interesting time, a dark time to hibernate a bit and reflect. Been doing a lot of that myself. I'm not sure, though, how much good it does. Sometimes I think it's best to keep moving forward!!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oooo, a didgeridoo! What an awesome addition to your drumming experience!

Glad to hear your brother's rehab is going well. Blessings to him!

Magic Love Crow said...

What a lovely post Robin ;o) I am sorry to say, it has been very warm here as well! Rain for tomorrow. I am not cutting the lawn in December! I won't even cut it in November! It's against the rules! LOL! I love didgeridoo's! My brother has one! Thanks for the update on your brother! I am happy he is in good spirits! That means a lot! Big Hugs ;o)

Lady Caer Morganna said...

I am so glad to hear that your brother is coming along with his physical therapy. I am sure it must be difficult for him because, let's face it, they don't call it "physical" therapy for nothing, eh? But I am sure that he will evenually get where he needs to be.

Happy decorating, my sister!!!


Jeanne said...

So glad to hear that your brother is making progress. :0)
And how cool to hear the drumming accompanied by a didgeridoo! A truly unique experience.
And how deceptive the temperatures in November can be....we have also been enjoying the warmer temps. But I do fear that Ol' Man Winter will be visiting us soon....

And yes, this has truly been a time for reflection.....

Kallan said...

Oh Robin, what a lovely post this is! I will keep your brother in thoughts and prayers. Much love and blessings to you in this time-between! Hugs!