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Friday, September 24, 2010

A full moon task

A full moon is a glorious sight to a Wiccan. It is also sacred, and there are many beautiful ways to honor the Goddess during full moon rituals. The moon is a symbol of the Goddess. Phases of the moon represent aspects of the Goddess: Maiden, the new moon, Mother, the full moon and Crone, the waning moon. In ritual Wiccans can appeal to these various aspects of the Goddess for assistance with various needs, problems, celebrations, meditations....whatever workings are at hand during whatever phase of the Moon.

Last night was a perfect time for me to take advantage of the clear sky and beautiful full moon shining down on my garden. Water, one of the Four Elements (earth, air and fire, the other 3) is crucial for purifications spells, protection spells, and other tasks. The energy and power from a Full Moon is just what I wanted to "charge" a pitcher full of water for use in ritual and spells. I simply set it out on a table on my deck, said a few words to the Goddess, and left the pitcher there all night. This morning I have a pitcher of water that I will use for cleansing and consecrating some tools I have recently acquired, as well as renewing protection spells around the house and garden.

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The cottage by the Cranelake said...

A full moon is beautiful for all of us I guess, but for me it only means that I´ll probably have a hard time sleeping that night :-)

Have a great day now!