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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sweet Autumn Clematis

It is always a thrill to me, as if I were a little kid, to see the big brown truck pull up to my house! Today, I received an order I placed back in July. Paniculata, or Sweet Autumn Clematis. It is a vigorous grower, great for trellises, porches, fences. Small white starry-shaped flowers, fragrant, and blooms August-September. I have been wanting one for a long time, and now I have two, as I had gotten one early in August from another nursery. I have a friend who has it growing in her front yard and it is climbing all over the place and looks beautiful. And how can you resist something named "Sweet Autumn"? Because of their white blooms, I am planting them in honor of the Goddess...white and silver are colors most associated with Her.
(click on pix for a closer look)
Bluestone Perennials Packaging
Unpacked, look at the fertilizer tablet they included, almost as big as the plant!

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