Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet again

Monday, September 27, 2010

Seasonal thoughts

Hardy Hibiscus...fading away
Molting American Goldfinch, containers of bedraggled and leggy annuals, and perennials that were the glory of summer are now sad and done.  That is how the seasons go, and the visible signs of the lessening light and cooling temperatures let us know preparations should begin for the coming season. The turning of the Wheel of the Year is almost complete. But first we shall enjoy the brilliance of trees in their fancy dress, crisp autumn nights, the new smell of wood smoke in the air, pumpkins and winter squashes, and the first crocks of hot stews and homemade soups; perhaps also some apple cakes and pumpkin bread, too.

Raise your hands if Autumn is your favorite season!


Rue said...

Oh!! *raises hand*

laurie said...

it is! it is! candy corn and crisp leaves and apples and fires in the fireplace.
the happiness of balmy summer just over my shoulder. the glowing of winter just ahead.

strell4 said...

I do love Autumn, and you describe it sooo well.
I can smell the soup and hear the crackling of leaves underfoot.
Your hibiscus is still glorious.....memories of our summer.
Time to enjoy nature at its colorful best.