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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wiccan Rites: Bless-ed Mabon

Ahhhhh, the first day of Autumn....the Autumnal Equinox. For Wiccans, and other Pagans, this is Mabon, the Second Harvest. A time to give thanks for the Summer, the gifts we received from the Earth, and to observe and take note of the shortening of days, the light fading earlier and earlier. Actually, because I live in Central New York, a very cold and snowy place in winter, this is really Last Harvest. There won't be much in the garden after our first frost. We do have Brussels Sprouts still growing, but voles did away with our winter squashes.

Apples are the fruit for Mabon, crisp, juicy and freshly picked from nearby orchards. Apple crisp, apple pie, apple bread, apple cake, apple fritters, apple muffins......the list goes on!! 

I will decorate my altar for tonite's Mabon ritual with apples and acorns...still a little early for colorful fall leaves around my yard.  If my son and daughter were home, we would light a fire in our back yard fireplace and sing and perhaps, do some drumming and chanting. It is a fun and great way to build up energy for the ritual. Writing our hopes or wishes on bay leaves, and giving them to the fire, so they rise up through the smoke to the Universe of Infinite Solutions.

And then inside to drink apple cider, or hot tea, and a delicious apple dessert.

I am going to be adding some "stuff" (to use the technical term!) to my blog. For one, I received an email from someone asking  "What the Heck is Wicca?" So I will be taking care of that, plus some other facts and info. It takes me a little while, but I am learning the ways of the Blog-o-Sphere.   And I will be changing to an autumn background. Hopefully, I wont delete myself out of the blog all together!!!!

My witchy broom for cleansing and re-organizing

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Rue said...

Mabon blessings to you! Enjoy your apples and cider - yum!