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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Phantom Petunia

Look at this petunia.  Its name is "Phantom".  I just bought it a couple of weeks ago, it was new at the market, even though the season for annuals is pretty much done (purchasing wise). It is a blackish color, with stripes of yellowish/green. Very unusual and beautiful, I think. Some of the blooms are "sporting", which means some of the newer blooms are showing no stripes. The leaves are really sticky, and there is no fragrance. But it is quite exotic-looking, and if only it would keep blooming till Samhain, I would be happy. A perfect flower for Halloween.

Here it is the day after Labor Day. Sort of a "time between time". In human terms (well, American humans, at least) summer is over. Pools close, kids are back to school. But the autumnal equinox does not occur until September 23rd. So no autumn decorating for me yet. I am still watering containers of summer flowers, still picking tomatoes, and the air conditioner is running right now.  I am working on my Mabon ritual. Wow, there will be a full moon on Mabon...very powerful and exciting.

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