Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet again

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My morning paper had a comic strip that tickled me. The comic strip is called "Grand Avenue" and features a grandmother raising her twin grandchildren and the hilarity that entails. The grandmother is sitting in her chair reading a book; the grandson comes up to her and says "you're so old-fashioned, why don't you get an e-reader?" The grandmother replies that she is not old-fashioned, she just likes the feel of a book. Then she asks her grandson to turn on the light for her. He returns with a lit candle. She says, "very funny."

As for me, I am not old-fashioned, though I tell my kids that I am a traditionalist. And I am an admitted techno-phobe. I have a rough time with any "new-fangled" gadget, and I surely do not care for change. My cell phone is practically "old school". It does not take pictures, or surfs the web, or maps my simply makes calls, receives calls.  I don't like any appliance that has so many bells and whistles that you can not find the on/off button. Our universal remote turns on the t.v., the cable box, the sound system and the dvd player. I am unable to figure out how to use it. I just like simple things.

And I like the feel of a book. I love holding the book, enjoying the cover art, turning pages, using a bookmark. I love my bookshelves arranged with all the beloved favorites, the beautiful gardening and craft books with their glossy, gorgeous pictures.  That is not to say that I think we should live in the dark ages, without any modern conveniences. Heavens no! I love indoor plumbing and my beautiful Gemini, dual-oven, ceramic top stove.

My daughter, raethan loves her e-book. She is a computer genius; she has a job as a software developer. She amazes me with her knowledge; she is brilliant in all things electronic, complicated, intricate. A great puzzle solver and trouble shooter. She loves to read, and I think it is great that she enjoys her e-book with all its merits and uses. Just please, don't ever give me one.

Frankly, it is a miracle that I am typing this blog on a lap top. That I have wandered around the blog-o-sphere, have set up this blog, learned how to edit posts, insert images and links, and have not crashed the computer in the process.

Well, gotta run, time to milk the cows and churn the butter. The ice truck will be by soon to fill up the icebox in the kitchen. And I have to get my mail ready for the Pony Express rider.


Anonymous said...

I've stood my ground on real books ever since the e-readers came out....but I'm buckling and have asked for one for Valentine's Day. I'm just enthralled with the ability to have so many books to read without having to build a library wing onto my house. However, I absolutely appreciate this post and the simple things you mention.

mxtodis123 said...

I'm much like you. I only got a cell phone a few months ago because my wall phone acts up. The squirrels just love the wires so it is always going in and out. Don't know how to text and don't want to. The few times I tried it was more work than it was worth. Can't see the fun in it. Only got a DVD player when the old VCR blew up after years of service. I did, however, get a Kindle from my son this Christmas and totally love it....especially all the free books I can get. Like you, I love the feel of a book and swore I would never have a Kindle, but I am hooked.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I like new technology. I like my phone that can do all those things Yours can´t and a new computer is a great challenge to get to know. But I could ever never have an e-book!

Like You I love to hold it, feel the smell from it, and those photos they can be filled with :-)and I know I still can read it even if I wouldn´t have any electricity for a very long time :-)

Have a great day now!

Jeanne said...

Great post! And I am right up there with you when it comes to books! I love the feel, the look, & the pleasure in turning one page at a time. :0)

Danni said...

I'm in the middle ground as far as technology goes. My phone takes pictures and I text message, but I in no way shape or form want a blackberry, android or some other portable computer that also makes calls. Mostly because I'd hardly use most of the features and my phone bill is high enough already! (although, there is a neat stargazer application out that shows you what planets and constellations are where when you hold your phone to the sky, even during the day!)

I'm also a lover of the feel, look and especially the smell of books. No e-readers for me so long as the printed word is still in existence! :)

It's funny though, because I married a techno-phile! My DH is the LED/LCD TV specialist for Samsung North America. And I'm happy with my 13" tube TV I've had since 1995. Go figure!