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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Haggis, Anyone?

January 25th is the anniversary of the birth of Scotland's famous poet, Robert Burns. What would New Year's Eve be without his famous Auld Lang Syne? If you are up to it, celebrate this birthday with a Burns Supper, which features that ubiquitous Scottish dish, haggis! And of course a toast or two with a fine Scottish whiskey! I perused a web site this morning that offers up some interesting information on Robert Burns. 
Being of Scottish heritage, I cannot let this date go by without mentioning it.

How is my Declutterfest going, you ask? Well, it continues, and I think I will have everything in order before Imbolc (February 1st/2nd). Imbolc is the Sabbat Wiccans celebrate to recognize the first tiny signs of winter's end. I will be sharing some of my Imbolc preparations this week.

At the top of my sidebar, there is a image of Stonehenge. Click on it for information about the Syracuse University pagan students' trip there in March for the Solstice and how you can help them get there. Thanks!


SharleneT said...

Haggis can be prepared with a heavy hand or a light on -- Isle of Skye has the best, lightest, most entrancing Haggis... Some pub Haggis is so heavy, you couldn't leave a stool if the bar closed!... Thanks for sharing and a bit of the dram for old Bobby Burns!

ruthie said...

WE had our haggis and neeps & tatties!