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Monday, January 31, 2011

Soaring Eagles

An incredible sight here in the Syracuse NY area.  20 eagles have been seen soaring over our Onondaga Lake. They settle into trees surrounding the lake, providing wonderful photographic opportunities. Our Sunday newspaper (The Post-Standard)  had beautiful pictures and a story that tells of the return of the eagles after decades. The eagle was on the endangered species across the United States, but has been removed. This magnificent bird is flourishing around the country. It is remarkable to have them settled in here for the winter, in such an urban environment. There is concern though. Onondaga Lake, up until recently, was considered one of the most polluted lakes in the US. Years of chemical dumping before the 1970s by industries surrounding the lake, left it damaged almost beyond repair. Efforts in recent years to clean the lake up have been successful, but the lake bed is the repository of mercury and other toxic chemicals. The eagles taking fish out of this lake could face, among other effects, fertility issues.

Onondaga Lake has a place of importance for the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy, now referred to in their own language as the Haudenosaunee. The eagle is a revered symbol; of peace, of spirituality. Seeing the eagles return is a reason to celebrate, but also, a reason to heed the mistakes of the past and continue to restore the lake.

The Tree of Peace
by John Kahionhes Fadden
For more information on the Haudenosaunee, click here

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SharleneT said...

Wow! Love eagles. There's a museum in Huntsville, ALA (or, was!) dedicated to birds of prey and you get to stand up close to those mighty fliers! They are HUGE! and can easily fly off with a 2-yr.old child! And, those were the smaller birds that were captured... impressive.

Come visit when you can and check out my new vlog.

Robin Larkspur said...

There are truly huge birds, Sharlene. The newspaper noted that mature eagles stand almost 3 FEET tall, wingspan about 7 feet. Unbelievable. Robin.

Aine O'Brien said...

Eagles are so amazing. I saw so many when I was in British Columbia. Their nests are HUGE!

That is so sad about the lake...actually it makes me angry. It is a pretty part of the world, though - I used to visit my sister there.

strell4 said...

The beauty of an eagle is something to behold. Hoping that the curious don't come in droves and scare them off. What a spectacle of nature and what it has to offer. Glad we have them to admire and so close. Nice pictures, Robin.

Anonymous said...

Love the Eagles! I have been seeing one out here where I live which is sort of unusual. Husband went outside and ran in all excited when one flew right over the house just about 15' above the roof. We watched in the distance circling around the woods where there is a small pond.