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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wiccan Rites--Full Moon Esbat, a Primer

Wondering why all the blogs of Wiccans/Pagans have the "moon gadget" somewhere on their site? The moon is an important part of our path. Knowing the current phase of the moon is an integral part of spell work and rituals. Of course in times of dire need, or an emergency, magick can be worked anytime, regardless of moon phase. Intent is the vital component in that case.

Waxing moon/waning moon. According to one's need, whether to draw something to us, or banish something from us, we should know what the moon is doing at the time. A waxing moon is growing is size, ever increasing its power. Stands to reason then, to increase something in your life, be it money, good health, a better way to do something, working with the waxing moon will aid in this attempt. Want to get rid of negative influences, a bad habit, poor health, then the waning moon will be beneficial in drawing these things away from us.

The moon is a symbol of the Goddess. In all her glory; beauty, strength, concern, justice. Typically, we see the moon in three forms, referred to as the Triple Goddess. During the New Moon phase, she is the Maiden, young, pure. As the Moon gets closer to and achieves Fullness, she is the Mother, nurturing, loving, protective. The moon begins to wane, inevitably to lose the strong vital power, but attains the status of Crone, wise, strong in a different, but important way. Gradually the Moon disappears from view, to the Dark stage. Still there, the power is generally not accessed during this phase, but can be utilized under special circumstances.

An Esbat is the ritual that centers around the moon. Generally, most Wiccans observe the Full Moon Esbat, and concentrate their important spellwork then. New Moon Esbats are also performed. Personally, I usually observe the Full Moon Esbat only. Esbats can be as simple, or as ceremonial as one wants. When the weather is fine, during Summer and Autumn, I love to celebrate the Full Moon outdoors. Sometimes just a simple lighting of a silver candle and a meditation. Othertimes, a bonfire, and dancing. It depends often on the magickal need. In these cold cloudy winter months, I light a fire in the fireplace and do whatever spell work or meditation I need to. Often, I go for weeks without even a glimpse of the moon due to inclement weather.

As a solitary practitioner of Wicca, I can choose what form my Esbats take from month to month. It truly is a wonderful way to connect with the Goddess.  Tonight's Full Moon, called the Cold Moon, or Wolf Moon will be just as soothing and beautiful as a big old summer moon.  If you can see the moon in your neck of the woods, be sure to take some time to contemplate her beauty, mystery and strength.

Blessed Be!    Robin.


Tereza said...

Robin, this is a lovely post and another great reminder of the glorious phases of the moon!

It's been cloudy/overcast here for what seems like days on end, so I haven't caught a glimpse of the moon and am definitely feeling the effects of it! I long to see the moon!

Wishing you a blessed esbat!

Blessed Be,

mxtodis123 said...

Great post. Hopefully the sky will clear and I will be able to get out there and see it. Full moon nights are always special to me.

Kallan said...

This is an amazing post, Robin! Thanks for sharing and educating folks on Esbats!