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Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter Musings, DeclutterFest Photos

Early morning run to the grocery store before another big storm hits us. Frigid temperatures, below zero, expected over the weekend. The landscape is already white white white, from all the other snowfalls. The wild birds are huddled around the feeders, gathered on the honeysuckle vines, snuggled against each other on the porch beams, hiding in the old Yule tree. The calm and the quiet. It will be beautiful, of that there is no doubt. Settling in for the weekend, with plenty of wood for the stove, lots of hot beverages, and homey tasks to occupy the mind and spirit. Winter does grow long for us here in the Northern regions, causing daydreams of warmer days, but it will not be wished away, and each day is still a gift, of waking and breathing and wondering. The earth must still sleep for awhile, the deep rest, because there was hard work before, and there will be hard work again.

And now, here is a quick peek at some of my Declutterfest work:

New altar arrangement (ritual supplies neatly in drawers)

Wiccan books tidily organized in one place

Pegboard (a la Julia Child) hung in kitchen

Top half of my mother's hutch installed over stove (the bottom half long ago damaged)

Newly reorganized cupboards, the left for dishes, the right for food. Lazy Susan on top

baking supplies now within reach on workspace (former microwave home) and the remains of a butterscotch coffeecake

Lexie hoping I won't declutter her toy basket
Wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend!  Blessings.   Robin.


Anonymous said...

I love your words about Winter. So very true and my beliefs also.

Magaly Guerrero said...

So neat! I just finished doing some cleaning myself, but I have a long way to go. I want to clean the house and put up my Imbolc altar.

Hope you have a wonderful "warm" weekend too.

Jeanne said...

Wonderful photos of your de-cluttered space! I really like what you did with the top of the hutch. Very cool! I bet you are really feeling the difference in the energy in your home.
Stay safe and warm during this latest storm. :0)

The Traveler said...

Very nice! I need to finally get everything together here and you're hard work is very inspiring!

mxtodis123 said...

We're going to be very cold as well. I really have to stop putting off my sorting. It's just that with all this nasty weather, it is so hard to get around to rid the house of heading to the library with my book donation. It is just too, too icy.

strell4 said...

Wow, Robin, I'm very impressed with the new look.
Now for a piece of that butterscotch cake..... with a warm cup of cocoa. We need the warmth for sure. Lovely words.

Aine O'Brien said...

You are very clever!! The altar idea is fantastic. Oh, I remember when my dog would get "nervous" if I cleaned too close to his stuff. They get very possessive of their things!!