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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just Me and a Dog

Waking up at 2:00 am this morning, for no particular reason. Wide Awake! So...I came downstairs, sat down at the computer. Played a couple of games of Bejeweled (Diamond Mine). Read a new magazine--filled with beautiful pictures of lovely rooms. Sort of depressing. One of the dogs, Lexie, got up from her snug spot on the loveseat in the family room. She looks at me and yawns. Then heads for the kitchen looking for a snack. The other dog, Gwennie is having a snoring duet with my husband upstairs.

Lexie decides she wants to go out. Oh, look it's snowing. Again. While I wait for her, I listen and look for the fox. There is a fox in the neighborhood, glimpsed at odd hours of the night. There are rabbits, too..well, there used to know, the fox and all.

So Lexie comes back inside, and decides to go back to sleep. I am still not sleepy. Time to put a pot of coffee onto brew. Thinking about Imbolc and gathering my new candles for the ritual. I have a basket of greens left over from Yule for the fire.

Typed up a poem for a poetry contest. Got it ready for the mail.

Sigh. I think I will read a bit. I am reading Craft of the Wild Witch by Poppy Palin. Very interesting and well written.

Coffee's ready. Maybe the newspaper has arrived. But it is snowing, and I don't feel like slipping down the driveway in my jammies. Oh well.

So anyhoo, this has been fun, hasn't it? 

Have a great day! I will catch you later, after my nap.


Aine O'Brien said...

Oh I have had many nights (mornings) like this. It's a nice quiet time in the house, isn't it? Dogs are so great - they are real companions, getting up with you no matter what time you decide to! Good luck with the poetry contest! I used to enter those once in a while too.

Anonymous said...

I had a night like that last night. Only I have a mental issue with getting out of bed when I can't sleep...I fear if I get up and move around I'll surely never fall asleep. However, my current habit of tossing, turning, huffing, puffing and keeping The Husband awake isn't working well either. Perhaps on my next sleepless night I'll get up and tinker around....experience everything the middle of the night has to offer.

Jeanne said...

I can't even remember how many nights I have woke up about 2-3am. Gotta love them hormones!

SpiritWings said...

Oh, I just hate nights like that. I have taken to staying up into the wee hours in the morning (1-130am) just so that I am sooo tired that I will not wake up bed...and stare at the ceiling. ~This approach is not working out as well as I had planned either!!~ LOLOLOL

strell4 said...

Well, Robin, I'm not far, so give me a call and I can get Lexified and coffee at the same time!!!!
Sleepless nites sometimes are productive and sometimes not. Yours sounds rather productive!!
Hopefully sweet dreams will be yours tonite.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes mornings like that is fantastic, but I do like them best in summer time so I can walk out to the garden. Snow and cold weather isn´t that inviting :-)

Have a great day now!

Chatelaine said...

My 3 kitties always wake me up earlier than I wish to wake up. At least they don't have to go outside!

Once you put the coffee on I guess you had given up on the sleep idea.